qoob - The Boat Of Millions Of Years EP (Hexon 005) is out!
July 28, 2016

Local New York talent qoob has been fast rising on the underground, deep house, progressive & slow, melodic dance side of the spectrum. Having just caught him at the recent Proximity Effect party, I was quick to pick this one up and give it a listen. If you're a fan of this style of music and the name "Manu Riga" means anything to you, you're getting a softer, more gentle touch of that vibe. There are plenty of cerebral effects, gated vocal chops, and tribal percussion licks to keep the groove going as qoob shifts between ambient sounds. Ticking hihats carry through pivotal moments of the track to keep the listener dancing while carefully bringing elements away. "The Boat of a Million Years" is available now via Hexon on Beatport. Words by Audible Chemistry (c) 2016

Remix for legendary Moonbeam is out! !
July 04, 2016

Today is the release of our third single from last album «Eclipse» Moonbeam feat. Sopheary - Maybe with remixes by Kyamran Silence, qoob and Marsbeing!

New remix is out!
June 20, 2016

With a slew of releases spanning a number of well-established labels, burgeoning talent Esthetique makes a debut on Pro-B-Tech. The Original mix of 'Never Ever' featuring Djiva is a bewitchingly alluring slice of progressive house, tastefully understated yet not devoid of zeal for the dancefloor. Waves of melancholy sweep the frequency spectrum amidst a vocal, adding a melodious and sultry twist. Cream & Deep Fog are the first of a trio of remixers. Profoundly atmospheric and respectful of the original, the mix delivers a finely balanced juxtaposition between the inspirative and the deep. The cinematic feel doesn't go unnoticed and additional melodic elements augment a solid, progressive landscape. The well-established Alex Vidal is next to take to the studio controls, his remix decidedly more dancefloor focused than it's predecessors. A dynamic and energetic bed of bass and percussion galvanises the vocal which, in keeping with it's cohorts, is gracefully retained throughout Vidal's production. The qoob Beatless remix is the first transition into wholly contrasting territory. With ambience at it's hub and bereft of a percussive led groove, the vocals are allowed to shine amidst a powerful bassline and rhythmic artistry, using the vocals in a manner unique to the interpretations that come before. An instrumental version of the original completes this varied and accomplished package. We hope you enjoy. Words by Breccia (c) 2016

Resident / Episode 267 / June 18
June 18, 2016

Our rework on Holden - Gone Feral is on maestro's tracklist again!

Thank you Hernan Cattaneo!
June 01, 2016

Maestro placed on #7 our rework for James Holden - Gone Feral in his June 2016 chart! We are happy!

New radio show on Proton Radio
April 25, 2016

Air-To-Air - monthly one hour music trip by qoob and friends from the globe on Proton Radio. We bring the harmony and diversity to your ears. Fasten your seatbelt, open your mind and discover new emotions. New episodes every 4th Monday at 9:00 AM EST and available on demand!

Intercontinental vol.1
March 21, 2016

qoob - Death Planet is out on the Modern Agenda compilation. Music is a powerful tool that unites us on an international level. It is a language understood by everyone, an interchange, a safe place. Modern Agenda is pleased to present Intercontinental Vol. 1 including tracks from around the globe with some familiar and trusted names in the Progressive House and Techno realm. Edgy but melodic, each track has come to fruition in Greece, Serbia, the UK, the USA, Canada, Mexico, France, then mastered in Germany. Intercontinental. That's what the underground is all about.

Ambient album coming soon
Fall 2016>

We are finished recording all sounds for new ambient album. Live guitars and violins together with Prophet and Moog electronic sound

We launched our new website
December 10, 2015

We launch our new website for more simple way to share information with you. Previous website was too complicated and we spent a lot of time to handle it.

New release
November 21, 2015

Our new collaboration with Amber Long. This track was released by our Hexon records on November 21. Available everywhere